tom words & céline
folksongs & originals

01. wayfarin‘ stranger (trad.)
02. sunday morning comin‘ down (kris kristofferson)
03. 500 miles (hedy west)
04. you‘re not right (tom words)
05. fuck all those perfect people (chip taylor)
06. buenas tardes amigo (ween)
07. rose of my heart (hugh moffatt)
08. dark end of the street (dan penn/chips moman)
09. raise your love (tom words)
10. the sound (leslie spit treeo)
11. place by the fire (tom words)
12. risin‘ sun (tom words)
13. four strong winds (ian tyson)

tom words : vocals/guitar
céline : vocals/violin/guitar

ekki maas : production/recording/mix/mastering
at musikkollektiv eigelstein

Release Date: 01/10/2020

rock’n roll is a go

Release Date: 09/09/2017
Label: MOTmusic

tom words & blue water live

01. ride
02. diggin’ for diamonds
03. my love is gone
04. simpson
05. want my baby now
06. rusty cage

songs written by tom words
performed by tom words & blue water

live-mix and recording direct from board: schobbe vois at Medio
postproduction and mastering: pablo paredes at tucapel studio

Release Date: 2013

fearin‘ a new world?

01. Thinking About You
02. When The Levee Breakes
03. Twilight’s Fadin’
04. Raise Your Love
05. You’re Not Right
06. Place By The Fire
07. Never Comin’ Back
08. Can’t Believe You’re Gone
09. Don’t Wanna See You
10. I’m Not Gonna Bring Myself Down
11. Why

words and music by tom words
produced by andre cayres/tom words
recorded by pablo paredes

Release Date: 29/11/2011

one of these days / ep

01. one of these days
02. close your eyes
03. not scared
04. want my baby now

songs written and performed by tom words
recorded by dirk baldringer
produced by robby mildenberger

Release Date: 01/01/2001